TOMASH Research is a branch that specializes in public opinion surveys and marketing research through telephone surveys and field researches. Surveys of public opinion are convenient way to collect data on trends in the society for a certain period of time. Usually are made for market research or testing of certain brands, measuring the results of marketing campaigns in order to get feedback on what customers expect from a product or service. They can also be used to obtain information and opinions of society on the trends in all segments of life. Such surveys are often the indicators on which companies later base their further planning and positioning of their services and products on the market.

Public opinion surveys are carried out in two ways:
        - Through telephone surveys and 
        - Through field research.

Telephone poll is currently the most reliable way of testing because it uses the CTI system (Computer Telephone Integration) or CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) as it is called in Serbia. CTI is based on information system with integrated telephony, and it helps the operator to conduct the interview process more quickly and with greater accuracy. System automatically calls pre-defined list of numbers, depending on the type of research and automatically generated parameters, while the operators carry out direct talks with the respondents and enter the responses into a central system, where it performs further processing and data entry ANALYSIS. CTI is one of the most reliable and fastest ways of collecting and processing information as the highly automated system largely eliminates human error factor.

Public opinion poll through field research is also one of the ways to collect information for specific research. It represents the slower and unreliable way of testing, but they are necessary for some types of research when you need to poll citizens on a large number of questions, and also for testing specific targeted groups (for example in the markets, shopping malls, bars, coffee shops...) and which are not possible using a telephone interview. In this type of research, information systems are used for data entry and data processing, and are especially useful when doing research on larger samples. Another very important factor in such researches is marketing aspect of the process, where field workers are suited in the "colors" of a brand, and in addition to receiving feedback, they also perform the promotion of the same brand.