Tomash Group Ltd is a young IT company specialized in software development and outsourcing services based on advanced information technologies. All our business is being done trough specific branches :

  • TOMASH Soft
  • TOMASH Media
  • TOMASH Research


TOMASH Software is the oldest branch which has set the foundations of the entire company. The main activities are development and design of fast and reliable information systems and databases. All our systems designed to date are the results of good cooperation and understanding our clients' needs. Today, our products are being used in companies, sports and non governmental organizations. These software packages are highly individualized IT solutions designed for improving the control and productivity in various kinds of business. Among the software solutions that we implemented are software packages for sports organizations (sports federations databases , various programs for electronic draw, advanced statistics generators, applications for monitoring the performance of clubs and athletes in sports associations, video boards statistics on football matches ...), software packages for business enterprises (construction companies, restaurants, hotels, schools, pr agencies, political parties ...), as well as interactive multimedia publications and e-books with video lessons.

TOMASH Media is a branch that monitors broadcasted TV program. Monitoring is being done via information system with automatic data processing, and it's a combination of software, and audio/video and TV equipment (hardware). There are two standard types of services:

  • Program Content Monitoring
  • Advertising Monitoring

In addition to standard services, we offer our clients a special service:

  • Video Reporting (available for the entire broadcasted program)

Content Monitoring includes mapping and measuring duration of all the contents in the station's broadcasted program. The system performs division of the program in smaller entities that we call program blocks (separate TV shows such as movies, news, advertisement, sports.etc) as they were broadcast by TV stations in a given period.

Advertising Monitoring is monitoring of Marketing blocks and division into smaller segments: Commercials and TV sales. This means that every marketing block is divided into separate commercials or TV sale segments, the way they were originally broadcasted. Signal acquisition and measuring are made automatically, with possibility of submitting video reports, in which, every of our clients can view program blocks and advertisements in the form they were broadcasted by TV stations. In this way, advertisers and production houses which bye media space, can now check with accuracy of one second (for blocks), and one hundred of a second (for commercials), how those shows or commercials were originally aired.

Tomash Media currently monitors TV programs broadcasted in Serbia, but we intend to offer our services on a global scale, since we can monitor every kind of TV signal (analog, digital, cable, IPTV, satellite.)

TOMASH Research provides marketing research, by collecting and processing data through telephone surveys and field researches. Surveys of public opinion are convenient way to collect the large amount of data on trends in the society for a certain period of time, and are usually done in purpose of marketing research and positioning of certain brands. This is also a great tool for marketing campaigns and a fast way to obtain feedback about what customers expect from a certain product or service. They can also be used to obtain information and opinion from citizens about trends in all aspects of social life. Results of such surveys often stand as indicators on which companies who offer their products and services to the market, later base their further marketing positioning, and product/service development.