TOMASH Mediais the fastest growing branch of the company, and main business is monitoring of broadcasted TV program. Monitoring is being done via Advertising Monitor, a highly automated information system, which is capable to split commercials from the rest of the broadcasted TV program in real time, by partitioning TV program in smaller parts that we call program blocks.  The system measures duration of the blocks, indexes their absolute positions in the separate TV stations timelines, while at the same time the entire TV program being recorded. Later, system makes further partitioning of the marketing blocks into smaller parts (separate commercials), that we call program segments, with precision of one hundred of a second. The system practically makes one comprehensive and detailed media archive of the entire broadcasted TV program for the stations that are being monitored, which is suitable for further processing and analysis  and also video reporting for the specified parameters.


There are two standard TV monitoring services: Program content monitoring and Advertising monitoring , and a special service Video Reporting.


  1. Program Content Monitoring

Program Content Monitoring includes recording, mapping and measuring the duration of separate program blocks (emissions/tv shows) that make the entire TV programs of the stations that are being monitored. The system virtually divides broadcasted TV program into smaller parts (program blocks) and collect data about each program block (type of block, duration, inserted segments, date/time of broadcasting, etc.).  This type of monitoring allows our customers a detailed insight into the number of airings, dates, and duration of broadcasted programs that are being monitored, as well as the number and duration of marketing blocks that were inserted into these programs.

Program Content Monitoring Specifications :  All the data collected for monitored program blocks , whether in a form of standard listing or in the form of video reporting, consists of the following:

         1) Type of the program block (Talk Show, News, Music ...)
         2) Program block name (“Tonight Show”, “Evening news”, “Pop Top Ten Chart” ...)
         3) Type of production (own, independent, foreign)
         4) Language
         5) Duration (in seconds)
         6) Timeline (date and time of broadcast)
         7) Timecode start 
         8) Timecode end
         9) Airing statistics for the specified program
         10)Video preview and data analysis  (Available in video reporting)


  1. Advertising Monitoring

In addition to quality of products and services, one of the most important factors for placement of a product or service on the market is marketing. One of the most effective forms of advertising is advertising via television. There is a wide choice of TV stations on which we can broadcast our commercials, and that leads us to a real problem of following the course of our marketing campaigns on TV stations. The broadcasters are often limited to a certain amount of advertising space per hour of broadcasting, and it’s become almost impossible to “squeeze” all customer’s commercials into program the way customer requested, so it inevitably leads to differences between media plans and aired commercials, and therefore a breach of contract on advertising. The human tracking of advertising by watching TV programs, besides being unreliable and expensive,  has become nearly impossible when you take into account the number of TV stations that broadcast programs.

Tomash Advertising Monitor is the system, that provides reliable and cost effective monitoring of advertising broadcasted on TV stations to advertisers and advertising agencies.

Advertising Monitoring Specifications : All the data collected for monitored commercials , whether in a form of standard listing or in the form of video reporting, consists of the following:

         1) Timecode (time code, allows sorting the advertisements in the table)
         2) Time line (date and time at which the commercial aired, rounded to one hundredth)
         3) TV station 
         4) Type of marketing(commercial, TV Sale)
         5) Advertiser 
         6) Brend/Product/Service 
         7) Commercial(Description of the commercial)
         8) Branch (Example: Beer products, telecommunications services, Internet services ....)
         9) The duration (Ad Duration in seconds with two decimal places (hundredths))
         10) Round duration (duration of advertisements broadcast rounded to the nearest second)
         11) The position of broadcasting in the advertising block from the front 
         12) The position of broadcasting in the advertising block from behind 
         13) Marketing Agencie 
         14) Preview of advertisements in the player (available for video reporting)


In addition to the standard reporting for Program content monitoring and Advertising monitoring, we offer a Video reporting service, the option of reporting through software that enables video preview of all monitored contents, as well as advanced search and data analysis.

Aired program blocks table

For each selected program block or commercial, there is also a video preview, as it is originally aired by TV station:

Player view of a program block “Farma


Software used in Advertising Monitor consists of four components, and it’s developed by Tomashsoft. It is based on the fast mathematical calculations, and a rare possibility of a direct connection to the TV Tuner device, for obtaining raw video signal.

Software for primary and bkup acquisition of TV signals and marking blocks

The very process by which the system detects changes in the program and partitions program into program blocks, is based on the encoding of images and sound into vector form, resulting in a continuous sequence of real numbers and coordinates with the time, representing a television program, which can be  easily searched and compared with other parameters in the database.
Workstation hardware for receiving, recording and encoding of TV signal is based on a fast multi-processor computers, TV tuners with preamplifiers and plenty of RAM and Data-storage memory, which is a prerequisite for successful video editing in real time. The entire TV program is recorded in the XviD video compression in real time.
Workstation for data processing performed by a permanent archive of recordings undertaken, which is subsequently kept for as long as there is a need for it.

Tomash Media Advertising Monitor system advantages: 
         - Reliability
         - Video archive of the entire TV program
         - The possibility of monitoring and measurement of accelerated and partially broadcasted advertising 
         - Automatic indexing of positions in the advertising block 
         - Capability of Video Reporting 
         - The possibility to monitor every kind of TV signal: analog, digital, cable, IPTV, satellite…